Further Reading on Communism and Russia

Here are some other informative sites. I may not always agree with the conclusions or perspective of the authors, but consider them to be well-done.

Révisionistes des holocaustes communistes

Le sites pro-nazi et révisionnistes de l'Holocauste recoivent une énorme attention des média, mais les sites faisant l'apologie pour les meurtriers de masse communistes demeurent inconnus. Avec une exception honorable, voir les pages de InfoUkes Famine Revisionists sur le révisionnisme de la Famine (Holodomor en ukrainien).

Pro-Nazi and Holocaust Revisionist websites have received enormous media attention, but the web's contingent of apologists for Communist mass murderers has gone almost unnoticed. (For one honorable exception, see InfoUkes' page on Famine Revisionists). Like most web enthusiasts , I oppose government censorship of any sites. The flip side of the right of purveyors of hate to speak freely, however, is the right of other individuals to ostracize them and expose their defamation of the countless victims of totalitarian despotism.